Sergio Bermudes
SERGIO BERMUDES was born and raised in Cachoeira de Itapemirim, in the state of Espirito Santo, Brazil. He concluded his secondary education at the Washington High School, in Cherokee, Iowa, USA.

He graduated in Law from the University of the State of Guanabara, in 1969 and concluded doctorate studies at the University of São Paulo in the History of Roman Litigation, Canon and Lusitanian Law.

In 1970 he was appointed Assistant Lecturer in the General Theory of the State at the University of the State of Guanabara, and Professor of Civil Litigation at the Brazilian Faculty of Legal Science in Rio de Janeiro, being appointed to the Chair of this discipline by the Federal Education Council in 1971. In 1978 he was appointed Professor of Civil Litigation at the Pontificate Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, and is a member of the Development Council of this University.

Sergio is a member of the Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Federal District Sections of the Brazilian Bar Association, of the Institute of Brazilian Lawyers and the International Association of Procedural Law; the Spanish-American Institute of Procedural Law and the International Academy of Trial Lawyers.

Over the past 20 years he has sat as Examiner for several public examinations for judicial appointment including for the offices of State and District Attorney. He has spoken at over 200 conferences held at almost every law school in Brazil, regional branches of the Brazilian Bar Association, and at congresses, seminars and other legal events both at home and abroad. He was invited by the Federal Government, in 1985, to join the commission established to revise the Brazilian Code of Civil Procedure.

He held office as a Justice of the Regional Electoral Tribunal of Rio de Janeiro for two years.

In addition to several articles, essays and opinions on Civil Procedure, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Commercial and Administrative Law, published in specialist journals, he has, since 1996, updated the 18 volumes of the Commentaries on the Civil Procedure Code by Pontes de Miranda. He has also published seven books:

‘Civil Procedure – Appeals’ (“Curso de Direito Processual Civil – Recursos”), Borsoi, Rio, 1972;
‘Commentaries on the Civil Procedure Code - vol. VII,’ (“Comentários ao Código de Processo Civil”, vol. VII )Ed. Revista dos Tribunais, S.Paulo, 1975 e 1977;
‘Introduction to Civil Procedure’ (“Iniciação ao Estudo do Direito Processual Civil”), Líber Júris, Rio, 1974;
‘Civil Procedure – Studies and Legal Opinions’ (“Direito Processual Civil – Estudos e Pareceres”), Saraiva, S.Paulo, 1983;
‘Civil Procedure – Studies and Legal Opinions (“Direito Processual Civil – estudos e Pareceres”), 2ª Série, Saraiva, S.Paulo, 1994;
‘Introduction to Civil Procedure’ (“Introdução ao Processo Civil”), Forense, Rio, 1995 e 1996; and
‘Reform of the Civil Procedure Code’ (“A Reforma do Código de Processo Civil”), Freitas Bastos, Rio, 1995, and Saraiva, S. Paulo 1996.

Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian
Rio de Janeiro + 55 21 3221-9000 :: São Paulo + 55 11 3549-6900 :: Brasília + 55 61 3212-1200
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